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Back in a few lines on the organization of a stay in Champagne especially for a marriage proposal in the heart of the vineyards!

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« The marriage proposal of my sister and her fiancé at Chatillon sur Marne, with rolling hills of Champagne vineyards in the background, was an unforgettable moment »

What were your motivations for coming to Champagne and how did you discover OenoSpheres ?

Our family loves wine and cuisine, and wanted to experience the best that France has to offer. For us, the best could only be found in Champagne !
Additionally, my sister’s fiancé wanted to propose to her in a beautiful, romantic, and unforgettable location.
OenoSpheres offered visits to large Champagne houses and family owned vineyards, individual attention, and lunch at a luxurious restaurant with a panoramic view, so it was our first choice!


Family photo at Taittinger


Cellars of the Taittinger house

Can you explain the reasons why it was good to use OenoSpheres services to organize your stay in Champagne ? What did you expected and gain ?

OenoSpheres made our trip an easy, pleasant, and enjoyable experience. Transportation was provided directly from our hotel to Champagne, and tours and lunch were all organized in advance.
In addition to a delicious lunch and tasting the best Champagne, Marc, our guide, taught us about how Champagne is made and the history of the region (including the Cathedral de Reims where all French Kings were coronated).
Marc also showed us how to saber open a champagne bottle using only a wine glass!

What was your most vivid memory during your stay in champagne ?
Which experience/moment/visit did you prefer ?

The marriage proposal of my sister and her fiancé at Chatillon sur Marne, with rolling hills of Champagne vineyards in the background, was an unforgettable moment.
Additionally, we greatly enjoyed visiting a family producer (Legras et Haas) in addition to a large Champagne house.
The family-owned vineyard allowed us to speak directly with the winemakers and tour their personal cellar, and experience that is not possible at larger vineyards.  


Reims Cathedral


Legras & Haas champagnes

Were you totally satisfied by our service ?
If you had to recommend us to a friend what would your arguments be?

Champagne is synonymous with luxury and celebration, and our tour with Oenospheres delivered both.
We hope to visit Champagne again and we have recommended Oenospheres to our friends and family !

Is this portrait gaves you the idea to try a custom experience into Champagne ?

Live and enjoy your experience with shuttle and guide:

Design by yourself your experience in complete freedom:

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