A group of English friends who came especially to Champagne !

Back in a few lines on a champagne trip organized for a group of English friends who came to discover the riches of the region


Group photo in the city center of Troyes

« We are dealing with a team of experts of Champagne who know the region and who will give us access to places we would never have imagined. »

What were your motivations for coming to Champagne and how did you discover OenoSpheres ?

Our motivations were to discover and understand the differences between Champagne and other sparkling alcohols such as English sparkling and prosecco. To see behind the scenes and understand why Champagne is more « exclusive ».

Champagne ‘s region is only 2 hours from Paris, it was the opportunity to take a little tour from Paris before returning to London.

OenoSpheres was recommended to us by French friends.


Cheese and champagne pairing tasting


Visit of the Champagne Fleury cellar

Can you explain the reasons why it was a good choice to use OenoSpheres’ services to organize your stay in Champagne ? What did you expected and gain ?

First, it was knowing that we are dealing with a team of experts on site who know the area and who will give us access to places we never would have imagined.

Second, it is knowing that our stay is tailor-made and that we have someone listening to us to find out our expectations and thus concoct a suitable program.

Thirdly, saving time. We just had to express our wishes and then trust until D-Day.

What was your memorable memory during your stay in champagne ? Which experience/moment/visit did you prefer?

The most vivid memory was seeing how regulated the champagne production process is, which justifies the price. There is both a strict procedure to follow but at the same time each area has its specificities.


We visited several estates over the weekend and yet each one always had something more and different to teach us about their production method.


Biodynamics at Champagne Fleury was a totally different discovery and definitely a visit in the mood of time.


The meeting with Hélène Beaugrand, her history and the discovery of the “Fa'bulleuse de Champagne”. It was refreshing to meet a woman in this “world” and to understand the solidarity  they have between them.


We really liked the heartwarming welcome from the winegrowers in each estate. It was like we have been invited at home for a moment to share their passion, their history but also to meet their family.

The meeting with Mr. Andre Drappier was a strong and privileged moment.


The visit of the city of Troyes led by an expert guide was a very pleasant moment. The theme was the "unusual" Troyes, so we were amazed by all the anecdotes that the city contains.


Guided tour of the city of Troyes


Visit of the Champagne Gallimard cellars


Tasting at  Champagne Drappier

Were you totally satisfied by our services? If you had to recommend us to a friend what would your arguments be?

We were more than satisfied with your services. From the organization to the realization: everything was perfect!


You have clearly understood our expectations and we have gone from pleasant surprises to surprises. The varied choice of the different domains visited allowed us to learn a lot about champagne. Marc-Édouard's passionate explanations really brought a human and friendly side to the visit.


We recommend you with pleasure and our arguments are just to get carried away and to trust them for guaranteed great discoveries.

Is this portrait gaves you the idea to try a custom experience into Champagne ?

Live and enjoy your experience with shuttle and guide:

Design by yourself your experience in complete freedom:

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