A finalist for Top Chef USA in Champagne!


Back in a few lines on a champagne trip organized for Adrienne Cheatham, renowned american Chef


Visit to Dom Pérignon

« The professionals at OenoSpheres have a wonderful selection of visits and activities to choose from, their reputation and relationships with various people in the region help with scheduling visits at places that are otherwise difficult  »

What were your motivations for coming to Champagne and how did you discover OenoSpheres ?

I am a Chef and have been able to learn about some amazing wines over the years.

My husband and I love to learn about wine, and Champagne is a region we are particularly interested in.

We were looking to do a wine tour of Burgundy and Champagne and came across OenoSpheres in our research as a top company operating in Champagne.

Lunch at "L'assiette Champenoise"


Swimming pool overlooking the vineyard
at Royal Champagne

Can you explain the reasons why it was good to use OenoSpheres services to organize your stay in Champagne? What did you expected and gain?

Using OenoSpheres was perfect as they arranged transportation from Paris and around Champagne.

We had a couple of visits that we arranged through friends here in New York and OenoSpheres was able to create an itinerary that included those visits as well as the ones they recommended based on what we wanted to learn.

We were able to visit historic sites, large maisons, as well as a smaller grower winemaker. We learned so much along the way and the diverse visits helped illustrate everything we wanted to learn and more. 

What was your most vivid memory during your stay in champagne ? Which experience/moment/visit did you prefer?

My most vivid memory was of my husband sabring a bottle of Champagne at our first stop in a vineyard with our guide.

It was something we both wanted to do, and our guide arranged a sabring (using a wine glass) for me at the terrace of our hotel just as the sun was beginning to set.

I loved how they incorporated things that we wanted to do with the stops to enhance the learning experience. 

Sabrage of a bottle at sunset


Visite chez Ruinart

Were you totally satisfied by our services? If you had to recommend us to a friend what would your arguments be?

I was totally satisfied with OenoSpheres!

I would highly recommend the company to anyone visiting Champagne and interested in learning about the region and its wines.

They are knowledgeable, friendly, and tailor the tours to make sure everything you want to experience is included (history, tasting, activities).

Is this portrait gaves you the idea to try a custom experience into Champagne ?

Live and enjoy your experience with shuttle and guide:

Design by yourself your experience in complete freedom:

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