A family stay in Champagne !

Brief review of the organization of a stay for two beautiful families in Champagne

Familly portrait

« The big plus is above all the comfort in which the day takes place and its organization »

What were your motivations for coming to Champagne and how did you discover OenoSpheres ?

Nous souhaitions, avec ma copine, que nos parents respectifs se rencontrent et avons pensé qu’un séjour We wanted, with my girlfriend, that our respective parents meet and thought that a stay around champagne would be ideal. I discovered OenoSpheres on the internet, looking for a company that offered what we wanted.

Cellar visit

Champagne purchase

Can you explain the reasons why it was good to use OenoSpheres services to organize your stay in Champagne? What did you expect and gain?

This was useful to us as we did not know the area and preferred to trust locals / experts. Above all, we gained the comfort of not having to book or worry about anything. We just had to add and validate a quote!

What was your most vivid memory during your stay in champagne ? Which experience/moment/visit did you prefer ?

Our most vivid memory was, for discovery, the Taittinger chalk pits, and for the atmosphere, the tasting at Gardet.

Obviously what we preferred to discover in champagne is champagne! But also, its manufacturing secrets.

Champagne tasting at Champagne Gardet
Champagne Taittinger

Were you totally satisfied by our services? If you had to recommend us to a friend what would your arguments be?

We were very satisfied! Marc-Edouard was super nice and interesting, despite his strong Aube accent 😁

Our arguments would be that everything is well framed and thought out. Even though an activity (the boat) had to be canceled during the day because of the rain, our guide was able to bounce back perfectly and offer us something interesting.

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